An architecture practice with a passion for crafting delightful and considered spaces, which enhance everyday life.



We are immersed in all aspects of residential architecture and design and are committed to making the architectural process a rewarding and enriching journey.

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Places of wellbeing

We design houses that create a quietly beautiful backdrop to everyday life.

Our houses are inspired by tradition, craft and natural materials that age gracefully.

We believe in an architecture that is both responsible and responsive to its surroundings through creating a strong connection with landscape, environment and culture.

We have a particular interest in the dynamic relationship between a home and its inhabitants. Through careful attention to practical issues and the less tangible elements of design (including the effect of beliefs, background, memory, experience have on our perception of home) we design spaces that both suit and inspire the occupant.



Our practice works in a spirit of collaboration, through relationships of trust and open communication with other architects, designers, consultants, builders, tradespeople, craftspeople and most importantly our clients. This creates a home that is unique expression of the team that collaborated on its creation. It is a great privilege to learn from and contribute to others through the process of design.

Carmen’s professional experience, creativity and collaborative approach translate her clients dreams into beautiful, practical and healthy homes.

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Architecture+Interior design

Maleny House — coming soon



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